We had a chance to sit down with legendary Canadian DJ and producer, Rennie Foster and discuss all of his exciting upcoming projects. Despite Covid putting clubbing on hold, Foster continues to produce dance floor hits. From his self titled album produced throughout lockdown, to a collaborative album we have to look forward to, here is what he had to say…

Hi Rennie, How has 2020 been for you? 

Very weird, however a lot of music getting done. 

How do you think things are looking for 2021, do you think clubs will be opening again?

I really have no idea at this point. I truly hope so. I am a resident DJ at a very special after-hours club here called Gorg-O-Mish and I am missing my regular sessions there terribly. It’s like my home base in Western Canada and working out new tracks there with those dancers has been essential to my creative process this past 7 years.

This year most people have spent much more time at home, what music are you listening to at home? Any album tips for our readers? 

For your home listening I recommend highly my self titled album Rennie Foster. You can get the whole thing on the RF band camp for 2 dollars. Ten fresh tunes, some of my best work, for two dollars, now that is a tip for your readers. 

Hot Tip! –> https://renniefoster.bandcamp.com/album/rennie-foster

Any local artists to you that you can recommend to our readers also? 

The artists on my RF label are from all over the place, but many are living here in Vancouver such as The Passenger, MI DI, Shane Breen, B Yegas, Eric Vibe. Close by is my hometown of Victoria where artists like Skyla J and Oz, DJ Christoph, James  Feud, and Adam Hendrickson are from and just up island in Courtenay is the artist em.ash. 

Tell us a little bit about your recent album? Is there any track you love the most? 

The album was created during lockdown, many of the tracks were personal works I’d been noodling with for a long time and completing them, alongside new works, became this album. The song Fallen Angel has been getting an extraordinary amount of plays on Spotify and also has a video created in collaboration with a local cannabis extracts company, White Rhino extracts. It’s a wavy sort of lo-fi house track with a dark pop influence. 

What is your studio set up at the moment? 

My main DAW is Reason Studio 11 Suite running on an iMac. My controllers are Nektar with a Panorama P1 on my desktop, also a Maschine Mikro MK2 which I run in Reason as a VST. Lots of hardware as well, Roland AIRA gear, mostly all of them, controlled by the MX-1. Korg MS-10, Volca boxes, Vintage grooveboxes such as the MC-909 and the Yamaha RM1X. Lots of toys always coming in and out of my studio. 

Where you would say you draw influence from in your productions? and inspiration? 

I have been obsessed with dance music for a long time now, since the early 80s really. So my influences are the sounds I hear and the experiences I have had in a life in music. It is not just artists I can namecheck but rather the effect of underground music and dance culture as a whole that has had the most effect and influence on me, and also I try to have my influence on it, through my music. 

Do you have anything in the pipeline for the closing months of the year? 

On December 17th my RF label will release a compilation called Illuminate The Night. 13 tracks from 13 artists, including a new one from myself called Viaduct. This compilation has been several years in the making and each track is a certified gem that I have been playing in my sets for some time. All killer, no filler with RF regulars like Owen Ni and So Kobayashi alongside some new additions like Ste Flynn and Topology.

You have been producing for many years, what is the best advice anyone has ever given you? 

Most advice people have tried to give me over the years is to do things in a way that they would, but mostly they themselves don’t seem to achieve the things I want to, so I don’t follow their advice. I try to follow the advice of the voice inside. My advice is to make music and art for those that like and understand what you are doing and not worry too much about those that don’t. 

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