Hi Mathieu, thanks for chatting with us today. How have things been for you this year? 

Hi Sweet Music, hi everyone. Thanks for your curiosity. It’s a complicated year for everyone but we are managing to come up with some great projects in this complicated context. We have a large studio where we can continue to host productions, residents, and organize private events.

You recently launched Des Sons Animés, tell us a little bit about the studio, where did it all begin? When did this dream become a reality? 

Des Sons Animés was born at the end of the 90s in associative form. At the time, we were engaged with a group of friends on the French electronic scene, already with the utopian idea of producing Live in spatialized sound. It was not until the end of 2019 that I founded DSA, a company of which I am the CEO. This change was made possible by meeting Arnault Damien, who has worked in the professional world of 3D sound for many years. He accompanied me in the installation of an immersive setup in my personal studio, which ultimately served as a prototype for the Des Sons Animés studio as it exists today. This studio is both the fulfillment of a dream for all studio associates, and at the same time a unique opportunity to develop 3D audio in all of today’s markets.

Maybe you would like to discuss some more technical studio features also for our readers? 

The Des Sons Animés studio is unique in Europe. It is the first private studio entirely dedicated to spatial and interactive sound technologies.

Deployed over an area of ​​140 m2, it is equipped with a system of 32 loudspeakers divided into 3 different elevation rings. We use Wave Field Synthesis technology to manage the spatialization of sound objects with a Sonic Emotion WaveI 3D rendering processor. Audio goes through MADI, and spatialization data through OSC (Open Sound Control). The OSC makes it possible to make the movement of sound objects in space interactive with any other creative environment (Light, Video, Tracking, etc.). We are therefore able to synchronize a spatialized sound writing with a lighting scenography for example.

For the workflow, from a multitrack audio session (or from external sources), the device allows the different instruments of the score to be positioned and manipulated in the acoustic space in 3 dimensions. It is now possible to “write space” as automation or as a live performance, in addition to notes and rhythms. A revolution for composers, and a new way of experiencing music for the public.

Is there a big team of you working at Des Sons Animés? What are the different roles needed for a studio of your caliber? 

There are 4 of us working in the studio. There is Arnault Damien, technical and acoustic director, Éric Munch, 3D sound engineer, Rémi Bessaix, general manager and computer music developer, and myself, who manages the artistic direction and the projects. The 4 of us bring together all the skills to produce, mix, master and make interactive audio content in any Audio3D format, and to design, install and manage immersive audio devices for experiential, cultural or festive markets.

Christopher Kah recently launched his residency with you, how does it feel to have an artist like Christopher affiliated with your studio? What other residents are you frequently working with? 

A great man this Christopher. (Seriously, he’s really 2 meters tall). Christopher has a hyper technological approach to music, and at the same time ultra minimizes. In his own way, he was already part of the evolution of electronic culture, so the combination of our technology and his approach was evident. Coming from the electronic scene myself, I wish, through Des Sons Animés, to contribute to the evolution of this sphere. And the result is there, the Live 3D audio he played in the studio can become a kind of starting point, a benchmark for future generations of producers. #masterpiece. Christopher is the perfect ambassador to promote our approach.

Other artists have been in residence at the studio, Masomenos, Calling Marian, Electric Rescue, Éric Simonet … And there are ongoing discussions with French artists, internationals, labels …

Is the studio and space possible for hire to anyone? How do artists and the public get involved with the project? 

The studio is a space for creation, but also a space for living. We have a creative residency program for artists who contribute to the development of spatial writing and immersive sound experiences. The program is open to everyone, subject to certain financial and artistic conditions. Usually, residences last a week. Artists come to work in the studio every day, either to compose a new musical creation directly in space, or to spatialize an existing creation. We support them technically and artistically throughout the duration of the residency. The works are archived in one of the audio3D formats, then published according to the project partners.

At the end of the residencies, we organize restitution showcases with about fifty guests, during which the artists play live on the 32 speakers of the studio. The showcase is filmed and the soundtrack of the video is encoded in binaural to obtain a fully immersive audiovisual object. A good example of this type of realization on the residence and the Live of Christopher Kah : https://youtu.be/8anKeqBUwGg

Is there any news about Des Sons Animés we should know about over the next months? 

Ho yes! For example, we are working on an unprecedented project with a team of producers with the aim of releasing an album exclusively in audio3D intended for streaming platforms which are increasingly broadcasting these new listening standards. We are supported in this certification process by engineers from Dolby France. We also have many opportunities to install immersive systems in Parisian venues to produce live performers on this type of device.

Follow our news and our projects on Facebook, Instagram and at https://dessonsanimes.com/ 

Last of all, who would be your dream artist to work in the studio, dead or alive?

The question that kills! But I’ll answer Pink Floyd.