After his recent release on Moonlight Records ‘Work’ featuring Orlando Voorn and Mark Adam, SageThaCat enlightens us with 5 tracks that changed his life…

5. J-Walk – Soul Vibration
“This track was life changing in the sense that this was one of the tracks that got me into producing and just messing around with FL”.


4. Afrojack ft Eva Simmons – Take over control
“So this one is crazy because it was one of the first tracks to get me into dance music, at this point I was mostly listening to hip hop with the occasional Chemical Brothers or The Prodigy here and there. The first time I heard this track, I was traveling with family and we had a layover in holland and this track was playing on the radio. I just remember being blown away by the plucks and energy of it all 15 year old me was enjoying the hell out of it.”


3. Nvoy – Higher
“Honestly all the songs Nvoy made were life changing those dudes are a huge inspiration and their music helped me find my own sound”.


2. Mark Knight – Alright
“This track right here is responsible for creating Sagethacat, I heard this at Tomorrowland and it was just out as ‘ID’ at the time but oh my goodness I just remember being in the crowd at thinking this is the kind of stuff I want to make, at this point I had taken a little bit of a break from producing and was just kinda doing it for shits and gigs but after I heard this track it was sort of my gateway into tech house and it was all over from there.”


1. Calvin Harris – I’m not alone (Deadmau5 Remix)
“This was the track that got me into the “rave” scene and electronic music and DJing as a whole so I gotta show it some love”.

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