1) Derrick May is still the master!
The Detroit Don was at his masterful best when closing the show on Saturday night. He weaved his way through his set with consummate ease with revelers hanging on his every track. Set highlight was for sure when he dropped ‘Walt J’ – Reborn 2!! The place went off!
2) Production levels at Movement are on point!
The huge LED screen on the side of the main room was as dazzling as it was hypnotising, and both sound and lighting were of the type of level that shows why Movement Festival is still top of the tree when it comes to huge Techno showcases 🙂
3) Charlotte de Witte is the real deal!
Her closing set in room 2 on Friday night showed why such a hype has been made of her over the last 18 months or so. A knowledge and selection of tracks that was second to none, and mixed in a style that had the crowd in unison of their appreciation for the young Belgian.
4) Italians really love to party!
With 30,000 clubbers attending over the 2 nights, both rooms were packed till the early hours on both events. The crowd was wild, boisterous, but friendly and sure loved their techno. Helped by the vast array of techno heavyweight talent at their disposal, hands were in the air and feet were dancing and further proved that Italians are never too far away from a party.
5) Turin – amazing cultural city!
Music, food, weather, culture; the city has it all and is the perfect background and place to explore while waiting for the evenings activities at the festival. Incredibly aesthetic, there was so much to admire of Turin that we can’t wait to visit again and delve further 🙂