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PREMIERE : Paul Schmidpeter, Sanio & Zarth – Sanguine (Original Mix) [Living Like Birds]

We’re glad to welcome to the family the talented producer from Germany, Paul Schmidpeter, and his Dead Heat EP feat. Sanio & Zarth. Coming from prior releases on Sol Eterno (Braunbeck) and Empore (Avidus), Paul is resident at the renown club ‚Die Rakete‘ in Nuremberg, Bavaria, for more than ten years. Besides that he is part of the ‚Hertz & Seele‘ crew who throw parties in various german cities, including Munich and Berlin. His EP is eclectic and visits different strands of Indie Dance, while the broken beat and melodic themes carry themselves throughout the three tracks. The A side, Dead Heat, has it’s highlight in the long and energetic breakdown and has the potential to be a peak time banger. Luminescence is a groovy piece that gets the crowd going with it’s smooth melodies and melancholic choir. Last but not least, The EP ends with Sanguine – a collaboration with his buddies Sanio & Zarth, who live in Nuremberg as well, are also part of the ‘Hertz & Seele‘ crew and are well known to us for their releases on Plano B Records. Release date: 10.12.2021

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